The module gives an basic introduction into engineering education as a
new science based on concepts of education science, and their
application combined with basic tools for eLearning
This module guides participants to implement within
their own courses the new paradigm of "learner-centered instruction"
through seven well-established methods.
Instructor: Rosanna Baccalà
Conception: R. Baccalà and H. Glattfelder
Pedagogical and technical introduction to fundamentals of audio, image
and video technique, with practical and didactical implementation.
By Federico Flueckiger and Rosanna Baccalà
(For documentation purposes, this is a copy from eLab Moodle)
The module helps participants to design, implement and manage eLearning
activities. A strong emphasis will be put onto the integration of ICT
into a given learning curriculum.
Based on selected cases and texts the module aims at describing various
forms of tutoring. Several concepts will be discussed, such as
diagnosis, monitoring, scaffolding, or modelling within autonomus
Le cours "conception et technologies d'enseignements par projets" (CoTEP) permet d'acquérir une compétence théorique et pratique dans le domaine. Il est ouvert aux étudants MALTT de deuxième année et à un nombre limité de personnes venant de l'extérieur.
Copy of module 8 "Evaluation of e-learning" by U. Gröhbiehl